miniature urban interventions – isaac cordal

photography, sculpture

Blink and you might just miss Isaac Cordall‘s ongoing series Cement Eclipses. Since 2006 the Spanish artist has been brining his nomadic project of miniature cement human figures to urban centres such as Berlin, London, Brussels and Barcelona, amongst others.

The project comments upon the relationship between man and the urban environment, the interchangeable dialogue between them and the way man blends in with the urban centre. The miniature figurines can be found hidden in streets, kerbs, alleys and on walls, blending in with their surroundings and recalling the everyday, mundane and monotonous nature of urban life.

Cement Eclipses is a critique of our behavior as a social mass,’ explains Cordal. ‘It refers to a collective inertia that leads us to think that our small actions cannot change the course of history. I believe that every small act can contribute to a change. Many small changes can bring back social attitudes that manipulate the global inertia and turn it into something more positive. Cement Eclipses ultimately has a poetic background in which tiny figures become survivors in the urban environment.’

Via Visuall.

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