Tree, Line – Zander Olsen


Photographer Zander Olsen has created this remarkable ongoing project entitled Tree, Line. The constructed photographs show trees in forests in Surrey, Hampshire and Wales, which have been intervened with to create site-specific (or even viewpoint-specific) artworks. Olsen wrapped the trees in white material to create a visual relationship between the trees and their surrounding landscape, mimicking the horizon lines or edges of mountains.

Zander Olsen, Untitled (Cader) (2008)

Zander Olsen, Jhutti (2004)

Zander Olsen, Cadair, Oak (2010)

He seeks to ‘construct a visual relationship between tree, not-tree and the line of horizon according to the camera’s viewpoint.’

Zander Olsen, Beeches (2004)

Zander Olsen, Two (2005)

Zander Olsen, Flat Line (2005)

Zander Olsen, Untitled (Corbi) (2005)

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