Cardinal Sin – Banksy’s at it again

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In a recent wave of new graffitis, this latest work by the street artist Banksy refers to the recent child abuse scandal within the Catholic Church. For Cardinal Sin – which is on display at Liverpool’s Walker Art Gallery alongside 17th century religious art – he vandalised a sculpture of a priest (which was a replica of an 18th century bust, not the real deal, but you get the point…) The face of the bust was sawn off and replaced by blank bathroom tiles, creating a pixelated effect and thus hiding the face in shame, as if a suspect criminal.

‘I’m never sure who deserves to be put on a pedestal or crushed under one,’ said the artist. This work has of course come under attack for its implication that lies and corruption are exclusive to the Catholic Church, but nevertheless points the finger at those who attempt to cover up scandal.

Banksy, Cardinal Sin (2011), Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool

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