to the back of infinity and beyond – serge salat

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architecture, installation

This dizzying, mind-boggling installation is the creation of French architect and theorist Serge Salat. Beyond Infinity, which is currently touring 10 cities in China until November, takes influence from ancient Chinese Suzhou Gardens, which have disorienting spatial techniques that transport visitors on a mystical journey.

This installation – composed of a steel infrastructure with honeycomb aluminium panels covered in mirrors – blends this tradition with Western multi-sensory artistic tradition, resulting in a multimedia experience that beckons visitors to take steps through the geometric matrix of spaces, shapes, mirrors, pulsating lights and music.

These tools have destabilising effects on the visitor; the mirrors create the illusion of spatial infinity, making the installation appear to continue ad infinitum in an endless layer of repeating shapes. And yet, the installation only measures 12.45 x 10.8 x 3.8 meters!

Beyond Infinity was designed to be ‘a mystical journey, in which the visitor progresses into the reflected layers of dreams endlessly nested in each other,’ Salat explains. ‘Entering the work is also entering the world of the dream of the red mansion transposed to the 21st century.’

Via designboom.

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