light sculptures – bernardí roig


Bernardí Roig, one of Spain’s most prominent contemporary artists, uses sculpture, installation, videos and drawings to evoke death, immortality, loneliness and human desire. The solitary white casts of real people – made of polyester resin – interact with fluorescent lights, and are either blinded by them or physically encumbered by their weight.

The human figure is always the conceptual centre of Roig’s works. His most recent body of work, Pierrot le fou is (not) dead, exhibited at New York’s Claire Oliver Gallery, explores society at the edges. Roig comments on the contemporary human condition: notions of identity and the conflicts that arise from modern communication and mass media. The lights – representing this impossibility of vision – burden the figures and expose them as voyeurs.

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Bernardí Roig, Pierrot le fou is (not) dead, cast polyester resin, wood and fluorescent lights

Bernardí Roig, Shadows Must Dance

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