Crammed spaces – Marjan Teeuwen

installation, photography

Dutch artist Marjan Teeuwen makes an art out of what might first look like hoarding. Her works consume each corner of the frame in a seemingly organised jumble of stuff, creating claustrophobic images that beckon to be deconstructed visually.

Amongst this chaos the artist creates a sense of quasi-structure, organising the objects in loose rows and columns by texture or by colour, creating a sense of compulsion that is overwhelming. The ceilings, floors and walls merge into one, diluting any sense of perspective and bringing all contents into the front plane and consequently sucking the viewer in. So despite this sense of confinement, I find myself willingly captivated by them – and if you take a close look at the image below, you’ll even see a woman in there! Can you see her?

And in the following two examples, although it appears that the work has just been altered digitally in order to achieve complementing black and white images, Teeuwen in fact changed the entirety of the contents and rephotographed it. Phew….sounds like a lot of work.

All the objects used in these works were taken from destroyed houses, creating a sense of record and potential rehabilitation of the disorderly and destructed. Thus many of her works take place within the walls of abandoned buildings, the empty spaces that would normally be left as such but in this case, give the void a sense of physicality.

Via collabcubed.

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