Walking in the rain – Luzinterruptus

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The anonymous artist group Luzinterruptus carry out urban interventions in public spaces, very du jour of them. Leaving lights throughout city environments, the two member team want to focus peoples’ attention on problems of the city that usually go unnoticed. Kind of like artists-cum-urban warriors. Other times, the pair simply want to bring attention to otherwise overlooked quarters or beautiful yet anonymous places.

‘Besides providing a great visual impact, light allows us to make interventions in a smaller degree and greater in others,’ explains the team.

This intervention, Walking in the Rain, took place on October 26 for 10 hours, the first day of rain after a completely dry summer in Madrid. The work celebrates clean air, and the 25 pairs of illuminated wellington boots encourage people to interact with the newly replenished urban landscape and wet vegetation.

‘Madrid blatantly violates European legislation on air quality […] On October 26th, the clouds finally appeared in the sky, dropping all of the water accumulated during our long summer on the city and leaving in its wake a clean sky and somewhat more breathable air.’

Via collabcubed.

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