DIY art with a difference – Kees Goudzwaard

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Artist Kees Goudzwaard, from The Netherlands, makes oil paintings with a hand-crafted, collaged look. With the appearance of layered strips of coloured tape, his works have interesting planes of colour that might recall the fields of colour in the huge American abstract expressionist works of the 1950s.

Overleaf (2004), oil on canvas

Crossing (2008), oil on canvas

North (2010), oil on canvas

The overlapped colours create subtle nuances in hues that suggest translucency yet at the same time a rich texture.

Cover (2006), oil on canvas

Transparent Body (2010), oil on canvas

Double Hole (2010), oil on canvas

Kees Goudzwaard actually achieves this by making a collage with layers of coloured paper, acetate and transparent foil, which he builds up slowly into an abstract composition and then reproduces meticulously with paint on the same scale.

Range (2011), oil on canvas

Extent (2005), oil on canvas

Illuminated (2011), oil on canvas

These works are simultaneously abstract yet factual in their representation of materials, pictorially complex yet limited in the vocabulary used, flat yet utterly immersive. Is this a painting about painting and its process of representation, or a painting of an artwork? What happened to the original collage once it was duplicated on oil on canvas? Can these works take claim to originality?

Via collabcubed.

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