The Eyes of the Skin – Susie MacMurray

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installation, sculpture

Exploring the dichotomy between life and death, calm and chaos, and seduction and repulsion, Manchester-based artist Susie MacMurray’s sculptures and installations are currently on show in her first solo show at London’s Agnew’s Gallery (The Eyes of the Skin, through 4 December).

A Mixture of Frailties (2004), 1400 household gloves turned inside out, calico, tailors dummy

In an oeuvre which resembles that of Louise Bourgeois, her pieces are visceral, evocative of the human body and its fragile nature, and explore the human condition with eerie undertones. Using materials such as human hair, fish hooks, hairnets and rubber gloves, her works are often site-specific, and this exhibition is therefore the first that gives an in-depth overview of her work in one location.

Oracle (2008), rubber dairy hose

Here Come the Girls (2009) Manchester Art Gallery atrium, 1100 wine glasses, lipstick

She sees her role as an artist as akin to that of an alchemist, ‘combining material, form and context in deceptively simple ways to stimulate associations within the viewers’ minds and to elicit nuanced meanings.’

Attachment (2011), wax, fish hooks

Her black leather work Widow (below) is also currently on show at the Victoria and Albert Museum, in their exhibition Power of Making (through 2 January), alongside Dalton Ghetti’s intricate pencil sculptures.

Widow (2009) black nappa leather, 43 kg adamantine dressmakers pins, tailors dummy

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