Art Playground – Carsten Höller

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Belgian-born, Stockholm-based artist Carsten Höller has transformed New York’s New Museum into an adult playground with his new exhibition Carsten Höller: Experience (through 15 January 2012). The focal point of the exhibition is undoubtedly this work – Untitled (Slide) – a spiralling stainless steel slide, which links the 4th to the 2nd floor.

Höller likes to play with our perceptions of space, size and time, and this exhibition – which includes giant mushrooms, multi-coloured water dwelling creatures, a slow moving carousel and a singing mobile made of bird cages – creates a surreality, an Alice in Wonderland environment that allows to you (literally) go down the rabbit hole.

Höller was originally trained as a scientist, which explains his interest in his audiences’ physical and psychological reactions to his works.

Via A/N Blog.

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