shifting planes – molly hunker & gregory corso

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US designers Molly Hunker and Gregory Corso – who together form the design collaborative SPORTS – are interested in the power of design to change your spatial and visual experience of a place.

This installation, entitled Stay Down Champion, Stay Down (2010), was installed temporarily at the Woodbury University Hollywood Gallery and focuses on the activity of the ground plane. Consisting of an arrangement of terracotta tiles, the installation undulates and breaks away from the horizontal flat plane of the floor to create a flowing interior landscape that can be walked on.

With the use of coloured lighting, ‘the contrast of the analog tiles and digital surface creates a compelling visual and spatial experience that rivals the lure of the historic sidewalk beyond the gallery,’ explains Hunker.

The work explores the idea of experience, and how the everyday can be transformed into an extraordinary, unexpected encounter. From the ground plane to the ceiling, Life Will Kill You (2010, below), was installed at the Revolve Clothing showroom in West Hollywood.

The contrast between the luxury fabrics and the industrial materials of the installation (over 100,000 zip ties), creates a bold aesthetic. Yet the evocation of flowing, soft forms in the bulging, textured form of the installation likewise creates a sense of opulence. ‘The design is intended to explore the edge between aggression and elegance through material sensibility, overall form, and visual effect,’ Hunker explains.

Via Collabcubed.

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