encounters of a surreal mind – michael vinent manalo


Just in case you thought thinks couldn’t get any more surreal over here, well here comes along mixed media artist and photographer Michael Vincent Manalo to shake things up once more.

A Traveller’s Dream (2011), digital mixed media

Room 38 (2010), digital mixed media

His work is concerned with creating surreal, abstract spaces, which have a palpable sense of nostalgia to them. The subconscious manifests itself in his practice, providing a glimpse into the fleeting images and emotions that float around his mind.

Lost in Translation (2010), digital mixed media

Tales from the Lure Makers (2010), digital mixed media

The Turning Point by the Flickerees (2011), digital mixed media

‘My objective is to be able to present well-known evocative stories to the eyes of the eventful and busy demands of today’s society,’ Manalo explains. ‘These stories range from the short-lived yet memorable accounts of true freedom, tales of despair and misery to the simple yet memorable days of pure ecstasy; from a collection of vivid dreams and daydreams to symbolisms of honest life to ostentatious accounts of everyday living.  I present all these through my chosen art form – digital mixed media.’

The Dream Walker (2011), digital mixed media

When the Sun Slept (2009), digital mixed media

The Time Traveller (2010), digital mixed media

The Remembrances of the Soul (2010), digital mixed media

Lost in Rendition (2010), digital mixed media

And did you know that he’s completely self taught? Whoah.

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