the fifth seal – Tsang Kinwah

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Tsang Kinwah‘s ongoing series The Seven Seals comprises seven video installations, and the fifth ‘seal’ is now on show at the Mori Art Museum, Tokyo (through 15 January, 2012). The Fifth Seal: He Shall Deliver You Up To Be Afflicted And Killed As He Was, like the other six in the series, comprises texts projected onto the walls and ceiling of the installation room, flying around haphazardly and enveloping the room in text.

This dynamic work incorporates sound and creates a multi-media space, but beneath this visual beauty lies provocative messages hidden in the text, posing questions on the Bible, politics, existentialism, metaphysics, terrorism, self-denial, suicide…haunting the viewer and revealing important questions about human nature. The installation appears to continue ad infinitum, just an endless stream of thought, coming to no conclusion or sense of resolve.

‘Animated phases and short sentences appear and move and float, sometimes, like a murmur and sometimes like an admonition that reveals the nature of human beings and the changes of our emotions,’ explains Tsang.

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