imagined digital suburbias – ross racine

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urban and landscape

Canadian artist Ross Racine combines the digital with the suburban to analyses the relationship between design and lived experience. These digitally composed images are entirely fictional, exaggerated and uninhabitable. The suburban neighbourhoods appear as abstract patterns and contrast starkly with the more typically austere, rational approach to urban design.

They highlight the way in which urban living is strategised and planned, how living itself is controlled and fixed within parameters. Practical, liveable design is not present in these beautiful, surreal landscapes that are closer in nature to landscape art than to urban mapping.

Racine creates these images without the aid of photographs or scanned material, completely from imagination. He draws them directly on the computer, acknowledging the role of this tool in urban planning whilst imposing upon it his own subjectivity.

‘Several related concerns run throughout the work: the hybridization of the languages of drawing and computer imaging, and most importantly, a focus on the constructed landscape,’ Racine explains. ‘These digital drawings are a way of thinking about design, the city and society as a whole […] The aerial view is used here to comment on society’s occupation and transformation of nature.’

Read more over at Architizer.

Take a look at these other fantasy built landscapes:


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