is it a bird? is it a plane? – janet echelman

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Janet Echelman, 1.26 (2010), Spectra® Fiber, high-tenacity polyester fiber and lighting, all images courtesy of the artist

Transforming the urban airspace are American artist Janet Echelman‘s billowing net sculptures, which float effortlessly in a myriad of colours. These works are influenced by the traditional practice of net weaving of Indian fishermen. The monumental public installations were less humble in scale, being woven either by hand or my machine by aeronautical engineers.

Janet Echelman, Her Secret Is Patience (2009), painted galvanized steel and cables, changing sets of recyclable high-tenacity polyester braided twine netting, coloured lighting with computerised programming

The sculptures react effortlessly to the wind, water and sunlight, transforming organically and taking on a performative role. A perfect balance between delicate yet powerful is achieved as the installations dominate the airspace above us, compelling us to gaze at them as they move fluidly, living and breathing, as if an environmental force in themselves.

Janet Echelman, Every Beating Second (2011), powder-coated steel, coloured fibre, skylights, terrazzo floor and computer-programmed airflow & coloured light

‘These sculpture environments embody local identity and invite residents to form a personal and dynamic relationship with the art and place. Each project becomes intimately tied to its environment through the use of local materials and working methods, thus strengthening neighborhood connections and promoting a distinctive civic character,’ says Studio Echelman.

Janet Echelman, Water Sky Garden (2009), painted galvanized steel rings, TENARA® Architectural fibre net, red painted cedar and lighting

Earlier in 2011 Echelman gave a TED talk entitled Taking Imagination Seriously. Take a look:

Via Inhabitat.

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