the digital museum – léo caillard

digital art, installation, painting etc, photography

The traditional museum seems a bit out of touch, don’t it? Enter French photographer Léo Caillard. This guy is bent on dragging the museum kicking and screaming into the 21st century.

His photographic manipulations transform The Louvre into a playground of playlists and ask us to contemplate the relationship between art and the digital age. Our image-saturdated culture is changing the way we interact with art, to the point where people visiting museums barely even pay attention.

‘Digital technology is changing the way we consume culture,’ argues Caillard. ‘This is neither good or bad. A lot of very interesting art emerges from new tools of expression. But, like any change, it will take time for people to understand that we need art of the past and masterpiece paintings [in order] to make something interesting with digital creation. The future will let us know.’

These digitally rendered images contain iconic visual elements from iTunes, iPhone and Mac OS X, as if you can flip through the artworks, choosing your own selection and mode of viewing.

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