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installation, sculpture

Not Tom with Loui Thomas, Dyed In The Wool (2011), La Galleria, London

London-based design studio Not Tom specialises in exhibition and furniture design, and they’ve just been commissioned by Woolmark to contribute to the Wool Modern exhibition at London’s La Galleria (ends today!) The exhibition supports the Campaign For Wool, an initiative that celebrates the innovative use of wool.

The result is nothing short of spectacular. Not Tom collaborated with illustrator Loui Thomas to produce a wool installation, entitled Dyed In The Wool. Assorted tins filled with dyes of varying colours line the walls of the gallery space, each of which has large sticks and tree branches placed within them at asymmetric angles. Because these sticks are wrapped in damp natural wool, they slowly absorb the dye over time – via capillary action – creating a stunning, slow-motion performance piece as the sticks gradually change colour.

Wow! It’s like time-lapse in reverse!

‘The full effect of the installation is that of a strange woollen forest, with a subtle, colourful glow around the bottom of the room,’ note Not Tom. ‘The mummification in wool of the dead branches is juxtaposed by the capillary action re-creating the natural movement of water up a living branch,’ so an almost coming-back-to-life process.

Via designboom.

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