the burning house project – robert holden


Brett Rogowski, 38, Pennsylvania, USA, Programmer, Photographer, Runner

Since so many of you loved my last post on Ursus Wehrli’s The Art of Clean Up I thought I’d share this other gem of photographic obsession with you. The Burning House is a project by American photographer Robert Holden that documents the precious items we would take with us if our house was burning down. This series of photographs encapsulates the interests, backgrounds and priorities of its subjects in a mere handful of items.

Sarah, 22, Berlin, Germany, Design Student

Sebastian Kuntz, 19, Germany, Student/Freelance Photographer

Laura Brown, 32, Portland, USA, Teacher

Kasia Lisiak, 26, Wrocław, Poland, Designer/Photographer

Nathan Gustaf Johnson/Gretchen Hale Heintzelman, 31/28, Minneapolis, USA, Teacher/Nurse

Jean-Michel Vigo, 49, Nice, France, Civil servant

The McMillans, both 36, Minneapolis, USA, Menswear

Justin R. Swaby, 25, Los Angeles, USA, Architecture Student

Frida Vega Salomonsson, Stockholm, Sweden, Student

Emily Loerke, 30, Dallas, USA, Blogger, Writer, Clergy

What would you take with you? Now that I think about it, I’m not sure I’d treasure that much….so why do I have so much stuff then?!

Via My Modern Met.

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7 thoughts on “the burning house project – robert holden”

  1. Elena :) says:

    Sure makes one think. Should we gather our most valuable belongings & place them in one place just in case or learn to live more simply. Less is more. Thanks! Enjoy your day.

  2. Wow – once again – blown away by your post – Each photo is amazing and it makes me sit and think for a while, why is that specific item so important to that person!

  3. I love this collection of photos. Ever since I was a child I have loved collecting random things. I remember the satisfaction of collecting rocks on beaches….The idea of taking a collection of items that are meant to sum up a person is wonderful!

  4. This is a fantastic artistic portrayal of value and love. Makes my heart smile to see how sometimes small, precious, and seemingly insignificant to the outsider the things that they value are!

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