rainbow tape installations – rebecca ward


Brooklyn-based artist Rebecca Ward is behind these super funky tape installations. Using either duct, electrical or vinyl tape, Ward creates site-specific installations in a rainbow of colours. In linear geometric patterns, the works follow the flow of the architecture they are set within, creating a strong sense of movement and direction.

The tape begins its life on the walls but soon projects out into the vacant spaces that would normally go unused; she manipulates the spaces she works in, making us aware of the size, volume and form of the architectural setting. In this way, Ward turns a two-dimensional material into an impressive, space-consuming three-dimensional sculpture, challenging the properties inherent to her materials.

‘I choose patterns and shapes according to detailed measurements of the installation site,’ Ward explains. ‘Ideally these patterns are numerically symmetrical or somehow numerically balanced, producing a dialogue between line and space […] When using tape, rather than leaving evenly-placed two-dimensional lines upon a wall, I expand upon the material’s sculptural potential and bring these installations into a third dimension […] This creates an illusionary space, a perceptual play of pattern, color, light, and texture that is realized by the viewer’s experience of, and interaction with the work.’

Via Sweet Station!

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