surreal spaces – the chapuisat brothers

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installation, sculpture

The Chapuisat Brothers, Stratum (2010)

Geneva-based artists The Chapuisat Brothers are concerned with space, our interaction with and as a consequence, our perception of self. Their large installations dominate and transform the spaces they are in, making us meander round them and engage with them in new ways.

The Chapuisat Brothers, Encore Sans Tradition (2011)

The Chapuisat Brothers, Untitled Yet (2008)

The Chapuisat Brothers, Point de Vue Naturel (2011)

Their works are surreal in nature – odd, alien and curious shapes that are anthropomorphic; or oversized, asymmetric structures that are difficult for the human to negociate. They have a disorienting effect, a power to manipulate the senses and stability of the viewers, who therefore become an intrinsic subject of the works.

The Chapuisat Brothers, L’ambition d’une Idée n°3 (2010)

The Chapuisat Brothers, Pluton est une Planète (2006)

The Chapuisat Brothers, Cellules Dormantes (2008)

‘Our constructions transform space, turning interior and exterior boundaries inside out and toying with the perception of a subjective reality,’ they explain. ‘They demand visitors’ active participation, putting them into the position of being an explorer. These environments break down visual and intellectual habits, testing the explorers and obliging them to trust in their senses. Often compared to cocoons or burrows, these installations harbour striking powers. They provoke ambiguous emotional reactions in visitors, like dreams which mingle curiosity, surprise and discomfort.’

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