moments in time – dominic wilcox


Watch Sweeper

London-based designer Dominic Wilcox has created a series of seven customised watches for this year’s London Design Festival (on show at Dezeen Space through 16 October). Each one includes miniature hand-made figures that are attached to the watch hands, spinning round as the hands count time in a mini-animation on repeat. Each original watch is vintage, and has a glass dome placed over the figurines, turning them into intricate sculptures.

A man so engrossed in his iPhone that he fails to notice a monkey balanced on the head of a weightlifting boy standing on the arm of an elderly rollerskater

The Sitting Man

Included is a reference to the recent riots in London, in which a looter runs away with a television, watched on by a policeman (below). ‘I had to walk across Mare Street in Hackney to get home during the riots,’ says Wilcox. ‘I remember seeing a boy carrying an LCD TV down a back street. I noticed how the police seemed unsure how to react, holding their  circular shields while the boy held a rectangular TV,’ says Wilcox

London Looter

The Unrequited Handshake

Via Dezeen.

Check out the Bouroullec brothers’ installation for the London Design Festival.

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