chinese totems – alain delorme


Alain Delorme, Totem #4

Parisian photographer Alain Delorme has captured the dizzying heights of Shanghai bicycle carriers in this series entitled Totems. With the vivid colours, city backdrops, focused composition and unique subject matter, this series is beautiful, but also gives a glimpse of the complexity of contemporary Chinese production.

Alain Delorme, Totem #5

Alain Delorme, Totem #8

Alain Delorme, Totem #9

With strong horizontal or vertical focus, the works appear like archaeological or ethnographic surveys, whilst also recalling the strong geometry and structure of modern cities in constant development. There is great balance to these photos, a simplicity and striking visual immediacy that contrasts with the much deeper reality and expansion of the market economy and Shanghai streets.

Alain Delorme, Totem #2

Alain Delorme, Totem #13

‘On one hand the man is almost swallowed by the objects, he is their fervent servant; he’s submerged by this multiplication of the same object. The manufactured objects become the pagan idols of consumer society. On the other hand, these temporary sculptures seem to turn upside down the established order, the individual differentiating this way in the gigantism of the urban world. Identifying himself with this elevation, man isn’t himself interchangeable anymore and becomes singular in this multitude,’ suggests the photo historian Raphaële Bertho.

Via Cube Me.

Alain Delorme, Totem #15

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7 thoughts on “chinese totems – alain delorme”

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  2. These pictures seem to be ps montages, but i think it isn’t deteriorate the walue of this series. They are quite clean, epic and could be real in a way. ( @skybluewithdaisies ) Impressed me.

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