textile field – bouroullec brothers

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French design duo Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec have created this fabulous Textile Field for the 240m² floor of the Raphael Cartoons Gallery in London’s Victoria and Albert Museum. Part of the London Design Festival (17 – 25 September), the Bouroullec brothers collaborated with Danish textiles company Kvadrat to create this foam cushioned installation, which measures 8 meters by 30 meters long.

The field encourages visitors to sit down, lie down and relax, admiring the stunning surrounding of the Gallery. The installation intervenes in the open space, making visitors stop and casually study the surroundings rather than walking through. I love that it asks you to engage with the space in a completely different way – in an informal way – yet still retains the awe-inspiring magnitude, volume and reverence of the original Gallery. The contrast between the Renaissance and the contemporary is immediate, allowing you to study the setting in a new light, from a new angle.

‘Our intention is to propose a different, casual approach to freely experience what can be a quite intimidating environment, such as a museum,’ explain the brothers. ‘We conceived an expansive coloured foam and textile piece with gentle inclinations to produce a sensual field on which to comfortably lounge while meditating on the surrounding gallery. Everyone can immerse within this temporary installation, for a minute, an hour or more. That is the idea. No efforts, no apprehension, just contemplation.’

Excellently put.

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