hand-made, hands-free music – dodecaudion


Pangenerator – a Polish design studio – is the creator of the incredible gesture-based audiovisual controller, named Dodecaudion. The object has ten faces (made of laser-cut aluminium) and an infrared distance sensor that reads the performer’s hand positions around it. It then translates these movements into sound, varying the tone and frequency accordingly. The resulting music has a direct correlation with the performer’s spatial relationship to the Dodecaudion; it is an audio translation of movement and space.

‘One of the key ideas was to explore a new interface that stands as an alternative to traditional controllers (like knobs and buttons) that simply don’t provide much room for performers’ gestural expression,’ explains Pangenerator.

I wonder how Jan Henrick Hansen would then translate these sounds into form?

And here it is in action:

Via designboom.

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