alley art – brakay

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installation, sculpture, urban and landscape

“play with found objects in these narrow little alleys”

The Fame Festival brings new artists to the city of Grottaglie, Italy, championing artisan crafts, ceramics and prints and giving these artists the chance to use the city as their canvas. This year’s festival features the collaborative work of American Brad Downey and Swedish artist Akay – known together as Brakay, a duo that create site-specific interventions.

“we moved downtown to delete some ugly cars”

These installation-type works were created at random, and exist only temporarily. Brakay make the fabric of the city a feature of their art and turn the walls, roads and people walking through the alleys into essential features of their interactive, performative artworks. Brakay improvise and play with what the city provides them, a philosophy that lies at the heart of the Fame Festival.

Check these two videos made by Brakay, both shot in Grottaglie:

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