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San Francisco-based filmmaker and photographer Kim Pimmel created this time-lapes short film Compressed 02 by combining soap bubbles with ferrofluid liquid in a dish. This ‘analog generative experiment’, as he calls it, was filmed with macro lenses to catch every rapid, magnetic movement of the fluids reacting to the soap.

‘Black ferrofluid and dye race through bubble structures, drawn through by the invisible forces of capillary action and magnetism,’ explains Pimmel.

Kim Pimmel, Compressed 02

This experiment follows Pimmel’s previous Compressed 01 (below). Here, ferrous printer toner particles float on the surface of water, and are ‘attracted by a magnet and align to the invisible magnetic field around them,’ he explains. The particles create beautiful geometric particles, and are fascinating to follow.

Kim Pimmel, Compressed 01

To see more ferrofluids in action, take a look at my post on Left To My Own Devices, a recent exhibition at Edinburgh’s Inspace gallery. Sachiko Kodama‘s Morpho Tower studies the reaction of ferrofluids to magnetic fields, and the continuous spiralling effect is entrancing.

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