luminescent light landscapes – barry underwood

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Barry Underwood, Orange

These landscape photographs by American photographer Barry Underwood are spectacular; they have an eery beauty that hovers between the supernatural and the theatrical, combining the photographic with the fantastical.

Barry Underwood, Blue Line

Barry Underwood, Norquay

The stillness of the landscapes contrasts with the luminescent, artificial quality of the lights, creating an otherworldly, etherial effect. His use of unnatural light and colour creates surreal landscapes or illusionistic spaces which he insist speak of the human footprint on the planet – our imposition of unnatural phenomena on the natural world, such as pollution, light pollution and bio-luminescent algae.

His works convey this sense or idea without overtly depicting it:

‘My attempt is not to portray environmental issues in a heavy-handed way,’ explains Underwood. ‘I think about science fiction and how the fantastic or supernatural is supported or given credibility by a ubiquitous everyday world. Within the storytelling there is a moral to the tale. There is a looking inward process or a self-evaluation (on cause and effect) and the consequences of one’s actions.’

Head to Juxtapoz for an interview with Barry Underwood.

Barry Underwood, Trace Yellow

Barry Underwood, Parade Field

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