pixel clouds and ping pong balls – daniel arsham

installation, sculpture

Daniel Arsham, Pixel Cloud (New York) (2010), plastic and paint, images courtesy of Galerie Perrotin, Paris

American artist Daniel Arsham took photos of clouds with his iPhone and blew them up until they were beautiful arrangements of multicoloured pixels. This was the beginning of these installation works, Pixel Clouds. Using around 21,000 plastic ping pong balls hand-dipped in paint, Arsham recreated these delicate clouds in the space of Paris’ Galerie Perrotin, each measuring 10 to 15 feet long.

There’s an interesting dialogue between the natural and the manufactured, between the incidental and the designed, and as a result these works have such a strong tension between being static sculptures and having a frenetic, trapped energy.

Arsham is a co-founder of Skarkitecture, a multi-disciplinary, collaborative practice that aims to creative unexpected structures.

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