up and down in style – lang/baumann

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installation, sculpture

Lang/Baumann, Beautiful Steps #4 (Poitiers) (2009), wood and paint

Lang and Baumann are my new favourite art crush. Remember my post on their large-scale inflatable installations? Check out this series of stairway sculptures that celebrate an everyday utilitarian object and transform them into abstract installations. Devoid of their traditional function and isolated in such a way, these stairways – entitled Beautiful Steps – come from nowhere and lead nowhere.

Lang/Baumann, Beautiful Steps #8 (Paris) (2011), wood and lacquer

Lang/Baumann, Beautiful Steps #6 (Buenos Aires) (2011), wood and paint

Corkscrewing upwards, the stairways are double sided, perhaps flipped over or leading in a reverse direction. In each case the contrast between the geometric and the surreal is evident. Whether floating in the air, holding the ceiling up from the ground, or leading you back to where you began, these works propel the eye up in a force of movement that creates a mini-vortex effect.

Lang/Baumann, Beautiful Steps #5 (Trautenfels Castle) (2010), laminated wood and paint

Beautiful Steps #5 (interior view)

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