music into form – jan henrik hansen

installation, sculpture

Jan Henrik Hansen, Air Force One Dance

The work of Swiss architect Jan Henrik Hansen is based on music, or more precisely, transforming music as an abstract idea into the tangible form of architecture or sculpture. Hansen transforms the fluidity of mood, melody and emotion into solid form, whilst still retaining a sense of movement and sense that is inherent to music.

Jan Henrik Hansen, Drum Tectonic

Jan Henrik Hansen, Toccata et Fugue in D Minor

Jan Henrik Hansen, Piano Stairs

As he puts it, his ‘music sculptures relate to their musical source on a subjective level as well as on an objective level, dealing with the wide spectrum of music, from single sounds to whole arrangements.’ His sculptures or installations are either singularly or richly layered, they flow and convey rhythm, rendering the intangible solid, if only just fleetingly.

Jan Henrik Hansen, Bassline 2

Hansen creates stand alone sculptures as well as large-scale architectural collaborations, including structural facades, window screens and sculpted walls. He often emphasises the light-weight, transparent and reflective qualities of his materials in order to suggest a sense of fleeting transience and change, as if a music score progressing and developing.

Jan Henrik Hansen and Roland Rossmair, Bath Mythenquai

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