book sculptures – miler lagos


Miler Lagos, Pie de Amigo

This sculpture by Columbian artist Miler Lagos, entitled Pie de Amigo (Foot of Friend), is constructed of stacked architecture books laid one on top of each in a delicate arc. Held together by pencils that are placed in the leaves of each book, the entire structure would collapse if these were removed.

Lagos’ work is often a metaphor for the fine balance between nature and culture, and this selection of work (thanks to collabcubed!) uses hidden or protective structures (such as the igloo) to explore the close relationship between nature, commodity and knowledge.

Miler Lagos, El Papel Aguanta Todo (The Paper Resists Everything)

Miler Lagos, Fragmentos del Tiempo (Fragments of Time)

Miler Lagos will shortly have a solo show at New York’s MagnanMetz Gallery, entitled Home (8 September – 15 October), which will study Lagos’ exploration of material properties. The piece below, Igloo, was made from books taken from the US Navy base library, and contains foreign language dictionaries, medical reference books, as well as geographical and psychological volumes. The igloo is traditionally a shelter from nature, and this piece suggests nature’s ability to teach and to culture us.

Miler Lagos, Igloo

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