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Lang/Baumann, Comfort #4 (Moitiers) (2011), PVC-foil, ventilator

These inflatable installations are all part of a series called Comfort, a creation of the German-American duo Lang/Baumann. Creating a constellation of artworks around the world, these large-scale tensile sculptures are composed of inflatable tubes that connect outside and inside areas, as well as all corners of the gallery.

Lang/Baumann, Comfort #4 (Paris) (2010), PVC-foil, tubes, ventilator, light

Lang/Baumann, Comfort #8 (Warsaw) (2010), polyester fabric, ventilator

Lang/Baumann, Comfort #4 (Annemasse) (2007), PVC-foil, tubes, ventilator

Consuming the spaces they’re in, they command the movements of the viewer and control the space. The result is often chaotic spaces that cannot be rationalised as the tubes cross over each other, become entangled and have no beginning or end. It is often impossible to view these installations in their totalities, as either the spaces become so difficult to manoeuvre in or they consume spaces both inside and outside the gallery.

Lang/Baumann, Comfort #3 (Barcelona) (2005), polyurethane-foil, tubes, ventilator

Comfort #3 (Barcelona), inside view

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