curtain call – ron arad

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Israeli industrial designer-architect Ron Arad has built an impressive, enclosing ‘curtain’ for London’s Roudhouse, on show until 29 August. The Curtain Call is made from over 5,6000 identical silicon rods that are suspended from an 18 meter diameter ring attached to the roof of the building. At three stories high – that’s eight meters – this installation comes alive with projections and live performances.

The rods are translucent, which means that you can see these projections from both the inside and the outside of the circular curtain. ‘You’ll be engulfed by images – a captive, but also a creator,’ says Arad. 360 works were comissioned for the curtain, which are projected onto the rods, including Christian Marclay’s piano playing hands, Greenaway & Greenaway’s fractured mirror image of the surrounding building, Mat Collishaw’s Sordid Earth, and David Shrigley’s dismal giant.

The sensory environments created are a unique way to experience art; immersed in the images and lights, viewers become participants and, particularly when on the inside of the curtain, experience the work in its totality.

Check out this timelapse video of Curtain Call being made:

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