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Ingrid Calame, …puEEP… (2001), enamel paint on aluminium

Making an art out of the ground we walk on, American artist Ingrid Calame produces beautifully abstract drawings and paintings with such meticulousness. Currently on show at Edinburgh’s Fruitmarket Gallery (ends 9 October), these works – made between 1994 and 2011 – are the result of an intricate and obsessive process of tracing the marks, stains and cracks on the ground of urban locations, and layering these into rich arrangements, or what she calls ‘constellations’.

Ingrid Calame, #346 Drawing (Tracing from the Perry Street Projects Wading Pool, Buffalo, NY) (2011), colour pencil on trace Mylar

Ingrid Calame, sspspss…UM biddle BOP (1997), enamel paint on trace Mylar

Her pencil drawings on architectural tracing paper (trace Mylar) are delicate and topographical, like abstract maps of weather maps. Her polished enamel paintings on aluminum – made subsequent to the trace Mylar works – have bold, beautiful colour palettes. For these, Calame did not paint one colour on top of the other, but instead painted in each minute detail bit by bit.

Ingrid Calame, detail, #334 Drawing (Tracings from the L.A. River and ArcelorMittal Steel) (2011), coloured pencil on trace Mylar

Ingrid Calame, Lup Bup Zhir POW! (1994/1997), enamel paint on aluminium

Calame created a special site-specific wall drawing for the Gallery, which occupies one entire wall of the upper floor. Calame punched tiny holes in the trace Mylar, through which she pushed pure pigment. The result is a fascinating work, which lines have an eery glow and subtle variation of colour modulation.

Although these works are repetitive in their visual vocabulary, losing yourself in these wild landscapes of lines, shapes and colour is an entrancing visual experience.

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