frozen movement – jerzy goliszewski

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installation, sculpture

Jerzy Goliszewski, Lac Bleu (2008)

Polish artist Jerzy Goliszewski creates fascination installations and sculptures, which at times border on graphic design.

Jerzy Goliszewski, Dynamo (2006)

Jerzy Goliszewski, Kai (2009)

Using simple and natural materials, his complex structures appear simultaneously weightless yet sturdy. Frozen in time, the structures have a fluid movement to them, their wooden forms undulating like liquid or crumbling like sheets of ice. The way light plays on these works is beautiful, reflecting off the fragments and creating shattered, disjointed planes.

Jerzy Goliszewski, We’re Going Out (2011)

This work, We’re Going Out (2011), was created for the closing of the Art NEW Media Gallery in Warsaw. Using semi-transparent vinyl and a rear projector, the work has a revolving door style, made without the aid of computer technology. ‘It is at the same time an end, beginning but also a process’, says Goliszewski. Check out the video below to see it in action!

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