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Strange Films, a new new indie production collective based in Edinburgh, are seeking funding for their second film Bird. Their first venture – a short fiction film called Strange Placesย – is a testament to the creativity, passion and artistic finesse of the team at Strange Films. The film received several nominations at prestigious awards, including ‘Best Actress’ at the BAFTA Scotland New Talent Awards. The stunning visual appeal of this film, contrasted with its resonating pensive and nostalgic silence, result in a powerful and personal film whose events, emotions and characters were drawn from the life of writer, director and editor Alasdair Bayne.

Now, Strange Films are asking for your help to raise funds for their next adventure, Bird. Set in the outskirts of Edinburgh, the film is a story of childhood and adolescense: ‘This is a story about what lies between the suburban street and the wilderness, between empathy and apathy, between childhood and adolescence, between the mundane…and the extraordinary,’ says Bayne.

The plot? A hayfield, a boy, a dead bird, the loss of innocence, and the moment a girl feels the heavy weight of responsibility for the first time. Want to find out more? Donate now to make this fantastic project happen!

Simon, Strange Places

Cat, Strange Places

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