back to the future – electronic instant camera


Those of you pining for the Polaroid will love Niklas Roy‘s new Electronic Instant Camera. Celebrating the here and the now of a photo – its instantaneous effect – the camera combines a thermal receipt printer with an analogue black and white videocamera, creating a devise that’s part Polaroid, part digital camera. Rather than storing the pictures digitally or on film, the camera prints the image directly.

It ambiguously combines a pre-digital, 19th century way of taking images – a slow process that requires no movement from the sitter – with the advanced technology of our digitalised, contemporary world. Photography was, and always will be, a testament to the here and now, a record of our changing modes of recording and representation in the technological age.

‘I like the fact that it would not even be able to store a complete videoimage in its 1KB SRAM. So the camera really has to forget the content of each line after it printed it on paper – in order to have enough space for capturing the next line,’ explains Roy.

And here it is in action (if that’s the right word…):

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