music under the bridge – chimecco

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installation, sculpture, urban and landscape

I love it when the functional and everyday are transformed into beautiful objects that enrich our lives. Like when bridges become musical instruments! Mark Nixon – of CZWG Architects – has transformed a bridge in Aarhus, Denmark, into a giant and fully working set of wind chimes. Chimecco is composed of 600 50mm diameter gold-anodized aluminium pipes, which are suspended below the bride at varying heights. As they move in the breeze they collide and make enchanting sounds.

The work is conceptual in nature; it can never completely be seen by those on the bridge and can therefore exist without even being noticed. It is never entirely present to the viewer; it can be heard, but not seen, and so exists in a state of incompleteness. ‘The sculpture is ‘hidden’ beneath the bridge. A constant varying in wind conditions on the site mean that the sculpture will hide and reveal itself through the creation of sound when the wind choses to blow. Some day the sculpture will be discovered, creating a beautiful moment of realisation,’ says Nixon.

Furthermore, a series of interactive nodes on the bridge’s top surface allows passers-by to play the giant instrument. This work turns the bridge into an interactive piece of art, it beckons you to approach it, move the pipes, experiment with it, and engage with it.

The design is based on the ‘idea of music and interaction as a catalyst for conversation of play’ and ‘creation through the combined interactions of human movement and natural movement’.

Chimecco forms part of this year’s Sculpture by the Sea exhibition in Aarhus (ends 3 July).

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