around the biennale in 72 hours – christoph niemann

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Christoph Niemann, 72 hours in Venice, for The New York Times

Can’t make it to this year’s Venice Biennale? Illustrator, graphic designer and New York Times blogger extraordinaire Christoph Niemann has it covered, with these fantastically satirical pencil sketches that capture the Biennale from an American point of view – the queues, madness, and even the pigeons.

Speaking more to the experiences of a cynical tourist than an art enthusiast, the sketches are a light hearted antidote to the customary hoopla surrounding the world’s biggest contemporary art exhibition (now in its 54th year, until 27 november).

The American Pavilion, The Austrian Pavilion, The British Pavilion

Christoph Niemann, ‘Big Bambu’ by Mike and Doug Starn

His sketch ’72 Hours in Venice’ might also pay tribute to Maurizio Cattelan’s ‘The Others’ at the Central Pavilion, in which 2,000 stuffed pigeons lurk on ledges and rafters, hovering above the guests.

Maurizio Cattelan, The Others (2011)

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