up, up, and away – balloon bench

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Guaranteed to leave you with your head in the clouds, the Balloon Bench by Satoshi Itasaka of Japanese design studio h220430 injects a bit of fun to…well…sitting down.

Giving the illusion of being suspended by nothing more than two bunches of red balloons, the floating chair is in fact hung from the ceiling by four anchors concealed by the balloons. Oh well.

But because we still like to believe that balloons really can carry us up, up and away, check out this Up-inspired house created by the National Geographic Channel:

The team managed to fly this 6 x 16 foot house up to an altitude of 10,000 feet using 300 weather balloons. For the full story and more images, follow the link to My Modern Met.

Maybe some day Itasaka’s Balloon Bench will reach these same dizzying heights; after all, he drew his inspiration from the French film Le Ballon Rouge (1953), in which the young boy floats away into the sky with an enormous bunch of colourful balloons.

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