frenetic – mimetic

digital art, installation

On display until 5 June at Bergen’s Lydgalleriet, who specialise in sound-based art, the latest installation by Swiss artist Zimoun is completely mesmerising and entrancing.

Down in large part to its simplicity, the installation – 138 prepared dc-motors, cotton balls, cardboard boxes 40x40x40cm – is literal, factual and, as the title shows, refers only to itself. The piece explores the nature of these elements – dc-motors, cotton balls and cardboard – when unexpectedly combined.

The captivating effect comes when these individual modules are repeated to this scale, creating 138 identical units that, when the motors are activated, all begin to move and vibrate arhythmically. The basic components Zimoun used to assemble the piece suddenly come to life, they engage in an inevitable dialogue and refer to one another, creating a tense, frenetic energy – and a lot of noise!

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