Sunrise, sunset – Eric Cahan

Goodbye April showers. This photographic project by New York-based artist Eric Cahan – entitled Sky Series – is luminous, vibrant, and completely inspiring, showing the awe that mother nature can and always will provoke… Continue reading

Water and sound into art – Finnbogi Pétursson

My favourite kind of art is that which makes us think about the natural environment and the elements; works that combine art and life. Finnbogi Pétursson- from Iceland – does just that.

Wall People – Eka Sharashidze

Georgian-born, Berlin-based photographer Eka Sharashidze creates intricately detailed and almost obsessively repetitive photo collages.

Around the world in 5 minutes – Kien Lam

This video gives a whistle-stop tour around the world – a condensed version of artist and photographer Kien Lam‘s year-long trip around the globe. With his camera in hand the artist captured over… Continue reading

If Giacometti made furniture – Valentin Loellmann

German designer Valentin Loellmann has created this series of furniture called m.&mme. The series features long, elegant yet fragile legs that at first glance might remind you of the work of Swiss sculptor Alberto… Continue reading

Nervous Structure – Cuppetelli & Mendoza

Interactive projected sculpture? I need more of this in my life. This particular piece is called Nervous Structure (Field), and was recently completed by Annica Cuppetelli and Cristobal Mendoza.

Caught in the wind – Paul Cocksedge

Paul Cocksedge, a London-based designer, was commissioned to make this ‘caught in the wind’ sculpture for the city of Lyon’s annual Festival of Lights (ended 11 December 2011).

Art that gives you wings – Heather and Ivan Morison

Where sculpture meets design; Heather and Ivan Morison created this cube structure that flies just like a kite.

Playing with composition – Jeremy O’Sullivan

Beijing-based photographer Jeremy O’Sullivan combines photographs and seeks out unique angles to create juxtapositions that are as carefully composed as they are unexpectedly random. 

Tree, Line – Zander Olsen

Photographer Zander Olsen has created this remarkable ongoing project entitled Tree, Line.